Tuesday, 24 September 2013


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Sunday, 15 September 2013


A. Mobility, 2 minutes per mob per side
A1. Front Rack position (for STOH)

A3. Overhead position (flexion + external rotation) (for MU/STOH)


Reverse grip shoulder press – 3 x 10 empty barbell (palms facing grip to improve OH position)

E. Aerobic Power Intervals – 6 – 8 x 2 minutes on : 2 minutes off
3 MU
6 STOH (Shoulder to Overhead) 70/52.5kg – 155/115lbs
9 Box jump 24/20″

Saturday, 14 September 2013

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Saturdays on ramp is at 10:30am

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Plan of the Day
Session #1 – Weightlifting

A. Mobility, Use MWOD as your resource.

A1. Ankles

A2. Hips (flexion and external rotation = squat)

A3. Overhead position (flexion + external rotation)

B. High Elbow Strict Press – 5 x 5 @ by feel
- this will be done before each c&j set

C. Hip Clean w/pause+Hip C&J – 5 x 1+1 @ 60-70%

Session #2 – Conditioning

The 9-11 WOD – 1 Round

2001m row / 150 DUs

11 box jumps (36in/24in)

11 thrusters (57k/38k) (125 pounds =125 deaths at The Pentagon)

11 burpee to chest to bar pull ups

11 power cleans (80k/55k) (175 pounds= AA Flight #175, south tower)

11 hand stand push ups

11 kb swings (32k/24k)

11 toes to bars

11 deadlifts (77k/55k) (77k = Flight 77)

11 push jerks (50k/35k) (110 pounds = number of floors in each tower)

2001m row /DUs

Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday 9th Sept

Nice turn out in the morning class with a new member Dave hitting his first wod with an impressive performance.

warm up - Dynamic

mobility - Hips, ankles

strength - 3x3 Back Squat

wod - 12 min ladder

x3 thrusters
x3 pull ups
(carry it on with the two movements going up in 3 reps)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Monday 2nd Sept

Dynamic warm up


Hip flexion mob (couch stretch)
Hip capsule
Overhead bar traction mob


Slow snatch with pause

Reverse Snatch grip deadlift, 5 secs

20 thrusters with pause at bottom with bar, concentrating on technique

Wod: 6 rounds
2 mins on 2 min off 

7 thrusters 50/30
7 chin ups
7 t2b/t2r

Go flat out, max effort

If you have time practice free hand stand holds

3 rm back squat